The Period of Finish University Life but Not Graduating Yet

Many things happened months before. One of the most depressing moment I experience was self crisis.
I started stress out strangely. Depressed. Anhedonia. Stop doing things that I loved to do before. I stopped listening to music, stopped singing, stop watching, and started thinking strange things. Worried so much about just anything, sadness, death, anxious, how if A happen to my life, how if B. I felt sick too. The worst feeling ever, without clear reason, and don’t clearly understand why. I just fell into slump. Maybe hormonal issue mislead over my mind and mood. Slowly I try to revive my soul back, do sports, eat chocolate-ice cream, pray more, try to get closer to God. Then realized our existence is just to worship Allah. This is just dunya. No need to worry too much.
Then clinical rotation end. Exit exam in front. Need to push myself again, have to graduate at this age. This exam is no kidding.

Exam end, free now but I have to wait one month to see the result. I’ve been waiting for this free time to do things that I wanna do but delayed before. But kinda lazzy too, haha. Still enjoy this relax moment, not ought to rush every morning to go to hospital or to study for exam. But quite strange too. So different. Life is reverse from before. I’m unemployed but not jobless.
Yet I can’t be fully relieved now because I still don’t know the result.
In other hand, your friends are going back to their hometown, you start to think you’ll be left by uni friends soon, go prepare your heart.

Yeah, this is the periode of finish university life but not graduating yet.


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