Sekarang lagi ngapain? Kerja Dimana?

I didn't know that the question "Sekarang lagi ngapain" or "Kerja dimana?" could be sooo intimidating.

when I jogged around my house and met some neighbours, they asked ..
The first question, "how's ur study?" or "how's ur coassistance?",
then I replied "uh, Alhamdulillah, It's done now".
the second question,  "so now?" or "so what are you doing now?"
I replied "hmm, I'm waiting for the graduation day"
There goes the third, "so what are you doing during waiting?" or sometimes in a more terrible way "where do you work?"  (sometimes they just jumped to the this third question without the first and second question)
"..." BLANK. That's just difficult question.

Honestly I used to asked my high school friends that graduated earlier the same question -_- But I mean I did it, I thought, because I care of them, I want to know about their life now. Despite it, now I can feel how it's quite provoking. It's just so much provoking even though I used to consider nowadays as holiday for me and there're still many things I can do to have fun and make it positive out of medical way. Actually I can't work yet as a Doctor because I need to be registered first. To be registered I need to pass the graduation day and take care of it at the Association Office, like quite administrative thingy. I hate hearing the question so for now I avoid jogging and meeting some people that diligently-ask though I've enjoyed jogging lately -_-


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